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Commonly Asked Questions

What is an adjustment?

An chiropractic adjustment is given to restore proper motion in the joints of the spine, which allows the nervous system to function freely proving life and healing to the body as a whole.

Does an adjustment hurt?

Disc Doctor Clinic FAQsSometimes. Most patients report that their adjustments feel great. In some cases, however, you may have some muscle soreness following the adjustments. If soreness occurs, be sure to let the doctor know, and she will be more gentle in her approach. An adjustment only takes a couple of minutes, but the vital nerve energy it releases can last for hours, days or weeks, depending on the stage of your care.

Is chiropractic safe?

Yes. Chiropractic care is considered one of the safest methods of health care available today; it’s so safe that malpractice for chiropractors costs a fraction of what standard doctors pay.

What research has been done on chiropractic?

Literally thousands of health studies, including research by the United States government, show that chiropractic is beneficial in maximizing health, boosting immunity, relieving pain and restoring normal nervous system function.

Should I be adjusted if I’m sick?

Almost always, yes. An adjustment will help your body to regain control and balance to more effectively fight illness.

There are many very gentle techniques that can be used to assure proper safety for all ages. In our office, we can use the ProAdjuster, which is very safe and effective way to adjust those that have had spinal surgery, even if the patient has hardware in his or her spine.

Can I be adjusted if I’m pregnant?

Yes. Women often experience numerous benefits in getting adjusted during their pregnancy and it is very safe. The adjustments align the spine and pelvis allowing for less discomfort, an easier delivery and less stress on the baby.

Can I adjust myself?

Even chiropractors need other chiropractors to adjust them. The worst spines are those of people who manipulate their own! An adjustment moves a specific misalignment in a specific direction, which takes great skill.

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