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Reviews for Disc Doctor Clinic

I Found Pain Relief at Disc Doctor Clinic

“I started coming into the office in August 2012 after injuring myself while I was moving items in my garage. I had a lot of difficulty driving to and walking into the office that day. Getting in and out of my car was excruciating. The office was able to get me an appointment right away and I did not have to wait at all. Dr. Julie was much more thorough than my previous chiropractor and explained a lot about my condition in detail. I remember being a little sore after the adjustment but I was able to move much better and leave to get into my car without much difficulty. The next day, the soreness went away and within a few treatments, my back pain was gone. I was very impressed by Dr. Julie’s care and I now bring my four month old daughter into the office to get adjusted as well.”

Kim, Age 32

Headaches, Dizziness, Neck and Shoulder Pain Have Diminished

“Dr. Julie always seems to take a lot of time with me during my treatments for my neck and my shoulder, which was important to me. I never feel rushed and I always feel great when I leave the office. I have felt a lot of improvement with my neck and shoulder condition and my headaches and dizziness that I was dealing with on a daily basis are virtually gone. We used a combination of adjustments, traction, and stretches during my visits and I am definitely seeing some improvements. I have never seen a chiropractor before and I was nervous about getting my neck adjusted but Dr. Julie was very gentle and made me feel very relaxed. I am now able to go to work and do things without worrying about the pain and dizziness that I was experiencing before.”

Rick, Age 58

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